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Lets support our local talents

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Durio UTM are Malaysian made product, proudly we present the First Network Security product that developed by 100% local talent in Malaysian.DURIO is a scientific name of DURIAN that represent as a king of fruit and symbolic as a protection into your Network Security System. This Product is endorsed by Cyber Security Malaysia by having Common Criteria Level 2.

Most Clients uses Durio for Content filtering . It allows clients  managing users activities  by controlling the time frame and bandwidth  allocation . With Content filtering features it would f ilter and block websites containing pornographic materials or social-networking sites unrelated to work.

In a way it would improved the users productivity and save cost on the internet line by optimizing it for the good use instead of unnecessary activities.


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Garcinia Firewall Router is a product that manage your network from any congestion and harm. Garcinia analyze the incoming and outgoing network traffic.

Loss and manipulation of data, business secrets and confidential of data leaks, lost of time due to the down time is loss of money to the business.

Firewall are indeed important and everyone who is online must strive to have a firewall protection before it's vulnerable

to external and internal. After years of research and development using OPNSense, we customized distribution of hardenedBSD kernel, we repackage and named it Garcinia to support our local industries and open source community especially in this country. 

Load Balancer and VPN is one of the common features used by our clients to manage their network environments.Instead of spending money on expensive products why don't we opt for more reasonable price with similar features and functionality.