Cyber Security 


The growth of Cyber attacks is accordance with the growth of internet population worldwide. According to Cyber Security Malaysia the Cyber criminal within Malaysia was rising yearly with a total lost RM 2.75 billion over 5 years from 2005 to 2010 (News Strait Times, March 30, 2012). It was huge wastage and that is why SIGMA is taking our part to defense and protect our great country, Malaysia.

It is important for Sigma as a company to keep secure and protect its environment especially the network and information system from unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. For this purpose, we offer state of the art products and services such as : 

 1. VPN - Secure communication with branch/remote access and teleworkers

2. Hotspot - Enable secure internet access in public areas for wireless and wired  networks, Captive Portal, Wired/Wireless support, integrated RADIUS service and etc

3. Mail Security - Getaway Anti-Spam, antivirus to protect your day-to-day E-mail communication, SMTP & POP3 proxies, Anti-spam with BAYES, Pattern, SPF,   Heuristic, Black-and White-lists support and etc

4. Logging/Reporting - Live log viewer (AJAX based), Detailed User Based Web

5. Access Report, Network/system/performance statistic and etc Web Filtering - Perimeter rewall, Intrusion Prevention System {IPS}, Outbound {egress} itering rules and etc

 6. Proxies & services - Caching web proxy server, Transparent SIP proxy, DHCP server with static address and etc

7. Updates and Backup - Centralized updates, Antivirus Denitions, URL Blacklist Denitions and etc

8. High Availability - Keep your Network Up and Running even after internet connection or Hardware failure, Hot Standby {active/passive}, Node     data/configuration Synchronization and etc

9. Monitoring WAN and etc